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Project Management

Increment and diversity of the establishment's projects lead Rawafed ALTorok to establish "Project Management Office". The office performs multi-tasks for supporting, monitoring, and evaluating the performance of diverse projects that include:

  • Determine detailed requirements for each project.
  • Determine Planning Team.
  • Create work break down structure dictionary.
  • Document projects work, determine level of achievement, and solve work problems.
  • Compare the percentage of actual achievements with work planned for monthly extracts.
  • Evaluate projects managers performance depending on project completion rates.
  • Coordinate with relevant authorities to solve problems.
  • Ensure of providing estimate resources, needs, time, and cost for each project.
  • Organizational culture, including management policies and prodecures should be understood and managed for the benefit of financial returns.
  • Perform risk reassessment and audit.
  • Solve projects delay problems by applying last technology and programs.
  • Report on projects performance for status of each project and gather final lesson learned and update knowledge base.
  • Manage reserves.
  • Index and Archive records.

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