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Eng. Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al-ArifiFounder & CEO

Since Rawafed AL-Torok has established, we have taken integrity and honesty toward each project that we have dealing with. Moreover, we have used the latest technology and methodology standards in roads field, so we have done with all projects on deadline and accurate schedule work. Therefore, we seek to hire professional employees and provide this approach for all of our business.

Rawafed AL-Torok continues improvement to move forward and become one of the leading companies and establishment in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud of providing various and modern projects to the nation.

We believe huge responsibilities that come from these projects to push economic and social growth in our Kingdom which has supported and leaded by our politic government. In addition to, we honor that deal and handle projects with different government and private sectors.

Eventually, we are caring to continue implementing many roads projects networks that are distributed throughout our country to enrich infrastructure and become one of the best roads networks around the world.

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For Inquiries: Please get in touch with us for additional information about Rawafed Group and our companies. You can also call Us at +966 11 416 476 2.